Friday, March 2, 2012

9 Waves in San Mateo, Rizal

It’s summer and resorts are one in inviting people to come and avail of their facilities and more. This week, let me share with you a resort I visited some years ago and its photos are waiting to be blogged. To help me describe the place, I have sought the assistance of this resorts’ website. Anyway, this is free spot =)


Ciudad Christhia Resort is located at the heart of Ampid, San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines. From Quezon Memorial Circle, go Northeast via Commonwealth Avenue, pass Ever Commonwealth Department Store. Turn right before Sandiganbayan, right again to Batasan- San Mateo Bridge. Cross- over the bridge then turn left to San Mateo proper. Upon approaching Mercury Drug turn left to Carrieland Country Homes.

DSC06720 From

Cubao, take Aurora Blvd. down to Barangka Marikina turn left after Marikina bridge to J.P. Rizal. Drive straight until reaching San Mateo Rizal, turn left to Carrieland Country Homes (almost Across Mercury Drug)


As you enter the driveway, this message literally and figuratively tells you to KEEP RIGHT! 


DSC06722It's all about great water fun at Ciudad Christhia Resort 9 Waves. There's a lot of reasons to enjoy and refresh with our three swimming pools. Each pool has unique features your family and friends are sure to enjoy.

The 9 waves swimming pool cast out nine different types of waves giving you that beach feeling without the mess of sand in your swimsuit. An exhilarating ride down the 69-meter double loop water slide is something you would not want to miss. A cool whale slide offers great amusement for your kids. And a relaxing outdoor jacuzzi is guaranteed to soothe your senses. All pools are also well-monitored by 24-hour round the clock lifeguards. 

The kiddie pool features a whale slide, 395 square meters in size and with a depth of 3 to 4 feet.


On the other hand, the adult pool is 25m long with a 69 meters double loop water slide, has a waterfalls, jacuzzi and is 415 square meters in size with a depth of 3 to 6 feet.


Not in the picture is the wave pool described as able to produce 9 different kinds of waves, with huge stage waterfalls, mushroom waterfalls. It has an area of 1,950 square meters and depth of 0 to 6 feet.


They cater foods for your meals, snacks and socials. I miss this girls.


Time for some punch.


And San Mig Light.


Other features to see in the resort include this parrot.


Koi pond.


With colorful Koi fish.


Flowers like this one.

Wherever you plan to be this summer, be safe, pray and enjoy every bit of your vacation be it the holy week or the weekends in between the hot, hot days.